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Explore science at home with

your family.

A beautiful, lovingly-crafted cookbook with a twist; Each of the 50 recipes is a

science experiment you can do at home, using only easy-to-find ingredients.

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The Kitchen Science Cookbook


Each of the 50 fun and educational experiments is presented in an easy-to-follow recipe format that anyone can do and many of them are edible (and delicious too!).

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“My books arrived yesterday! They are beautiful. Such good quality, well packed and they look fun.”

- Jess, Australia

“So the experiments have started with great excitement. This is probably the best book I have ever bought [my daughter]. I love it so much I have even bought one for [her] class so they can join in the fun.”

- Lisa, New Zealand

"WOW! This artistic creation of yours is gorgeous! I am so jazzed to deliver one to my local library today! Thank you to the entire team for bringing such inspiration to folks here in Iowa."

- Andy, Iowa

"We're on a mission to ensure that everyone, everywhere has the chance to enjoy a meaningful relationship with STEM."

Michelle Dickinson Co-Founder and CTO, Nanogirl Labs
and Creator of The Kitchen Science Cookbook

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Lab!

The Kitchen Science Cookbook is a beautiful recipe book with a twist - each recipe is a science experiment you can do at home.

50 Beautifully Presented Experiments

Nanotechnologist & educator Dr. Michelle Dickinson has carefully crafted 50 science experiments that you can do at home, exploring all aspects of science.

Presented in a beautiful, hardcover recipe book, each recipe includes a clear explanation of the science involved, and guidance on further exploration.

From the Author

Dr Michelle Dickinson MNZM

As an engineer and a science communicator I often meet people who tell me that they wish they were ‘good at science too’.

Their understanding of ‘science’ often relates back to their school experience - they see it as a subject they used to study, rather than as a way of life.

One particular lady - a mother who brought her children along to one of our live science shows - said exactly this to me...and at the same time handed me cake she’d baked for our team. 

She was a scientist - she could follow a recipe, and adjust the way she cooked to affect the outcome or solve a problem - she just didn’t think about it in that way. That conversation was the inspiration for this book, and the start of three years’ research.

Using the scientific knowledge I’ve gathered from my experience in research labs, I’ve spent three years in the kitchen at home trying different experiments.

After lots of trial and error, I’ve compiled the top 50 of these in this book, each presented as an easy-to-follow recipe, just as you might find in a recipe book.

Every experiment in this book is easy to do - you need no previous scientific experience, and they only require ingredients and equipment that are commonly found in the home.

All of the recipes in this book are safe for even the youngest members of your family, and at the same time engaging enough to be enjoyed right through to the teenage years. They explore the worlds of physics, chemistry and biology while also using the construction and building skills vital for budding engineers.

Scientists and engineers are the problem solvers of our world, and this book is written to help develop these skills in a way that is fun, and sometimes even edible!

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Featured Recipe - Marshmallow Slime

People love the 'Scrumptious Slime' recipe featured in The Kitchen Science Cookbook, and we received many requests for more edible slime recipes. Check out Michelle's Marshmallow Slime recipe in this video!

Featured Recipe - Even More Colourful Flowers

We love flowers, and many of our readers love our Colourful Flowers recipe in The Kitchen Science Cookbook. In this video, we look at ways to make your flowers even more colourful through the power of transpiration.

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